Mangui, China Fall, 6/1/18, 19.8g full slice


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By now we are all familiar with the recent fall of 6/1/18, which was captured from multiple videos over and around Yunnan, China. It has a few working names currently, the more predominant of them being Xi Shuang Ban Na, and ofcourse the classification is ongoing. One IMCA member living in China, Ziyao Wang, has studied a thin section and estimated a classification of L6. This is reasonable given the predominance of L6 specimens and the appearance of the interior. There is an abundance of chondrules scattered throughout a brown/grey matrix. A few larger flakes of iron are present but for the most part the magnetism is in keeping with other L6 falls.


I acquired a 90g specimen from Ziyao very early, found only a day after the fall took place. He knew of some farmers outside the city who had seen the fall and subsequently found specimens in their fields. The first specimens for sale in China were being reported at enormous price tags, in the thousands of dollars per gram range… The specimens farmers had found initially were very reasonable in price, and so I splurged on a decent sized specimen. It must not have been a big scattering of specimens though because the price has only gone up since. I won’t pretend to know what will happen with prices in the coming weeks, but something tells me they will not go down. I suspect that the supply is low and that the farmers and hunters are struggling to find specimens to sell.


This specimen was found embedded in mud, about a foot in the ground. It was a shapely specimen but was broken on one end. The majority of the specimen was cleaned but a lot of the mud was still present on the broken end when I received it, so I preserved that for whoever wants to acquire that end cut.


Given the break in the specimen I thought this would make for good material to produce slices from. These are nice full slices and end cuts of the Yunnan fall. Regardless of what the preliminary names are my provenance cards will be labeled as “Yunnan, China Fall 6/1/18”.


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