Vintage Meteor Crater Salt or Pepper Shaker


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Vintage Meteor Crater Salt or Pepper Shaker

Available here is a lovely vintage Meteor Crater salt or pepper shaker. I believe it is made of porcelain and has a nice glazed design on it depicting the crater itself and its surrounds. It appears to be in very good shape, no obvious cracks or chips, no blemishes to distract from the enjoyment of it. The plastic plug for the base of the shaker has somehow been pushed into the shaker (it came to me that way) and I have tried getting it out with tweezers but my tweezers aren’t strong enough. I tried using a surgical hemostat to remove it as the grip is stronger, but the problem was that clamping the hemostat so it was all small enough to fit through the holes was going to destroy the plastic plug. So I just let it be… If you can get it out, or replace it and leave the original inside, the shaker would still be useful. Either way, it’s a wonderful piece of meteorite memorabilia from the old days of Nininger.


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