NWA 11550, Monomict Eucrite breccia 55.9g main mass


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NWA 11550 is an equilibrated monomict Eucrite breccia that was purchased by from a Moroccan merchant while at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 2017. Cascadia Meteorite Lab at Portland State University owned the entire 159g mass and eventually had it classified in early 2018. I have traded and classified specimens with Cascadia numerous times before, so I proposed a trade for the main mass and they agreed to it once a suitable type specimen had been cut off. I received a little more than 100g worth of the specimen in trade.


Ever since the NWA boom Eucrites (HED’s in general actually) are no longer as rare as they once were, and they don’t sell as well as they once did. For that reason I decided not to cut up much of this specimen, and keep a sizeable portion of it intact as the main mass. All the available specimens are full slices with at least some fusion crust. As you can see from the main mass specimen listed for sale here, the exterior of NWA 11550 was fragmented to a degree. It had at best 20% fusion crust coverage when I acquired it.


Regardless of the abundance of HED specimens, these are still lovely representative specimens of a monomict Eucrite braccia, and they display nicely, as most HED specimens do. If you do not have a good specimen or a monomict eucrite, or your just a want another lovely fresh full slice of one, these are priced well and look good.


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