New Halfa, Sudan, 11/8/94, 41.5g part slice


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New Halfa is a poorly distributed fall specimens from the Sudan with a classification of L4 and a shock stage of S3. The fall was witnessed by two villagers in November of 1994, and not long after this the Geological Research Authority of the Sudan had collected roughly 12kg of specimens. Their exact amount isn’t documented. This makes up the bulk of the TKW, listed in the metbul as being 12kg as well. Not much out there in the collecting community as a result… Maybe 750-1000g is available, a least that I can find evidence of from reports in private collections.


I purchased the mass these slices came from out of the incredible collection of Matt Morgan at Mile High Meteorites. I was able to produce some good cuts, a few of which are pretty thick though. When I first started cutting I realized quickly that the slices produced were actually very frail. The first slice fractured when cutting, so I had to favor thicker slices in order to produce full slices. The result is specimens that are heavier than is ideal, and therefor more expensive.


For a meteorite that is as rare in a collection as this one is, a 100+g mass is a considerable amount. There is an article in Meteorite-Times online ( discussing a 100g specimen of New Halfa, and how such a specimen may feel small, but that is only relative to what is available to collectors. I was reluctant to cut the larger mass from Matt for this reason, though in the end though I am very happy that I did cut it. After polishing, the cut surface is literally chock full of a gorgeous cluster chondrule composition which is interrupted in part by a scattering of shock veins that make the two sides of the slices produced feel a bit like a dual lithology specimen. It is a truly beautiful interior…


I made an effort the retain all the smaller fragments and part slices that were produced during cutting and polishing as well, so there is something available in the wheelhouse of every collector no matter how deep your pockets are.


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