Imilac, Antofagasta, Chile PMG 3.48g cleaned fragment


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Imilac is one of the better known pallasite specimens due to the relative abundance of specimens in the collecting community. It was first found in 1820 by a Chilean local who thought that he had found silver initially, carried away a few specimens, but buried the others he found for safe keeping. After others specimens were found by other locals, eventually specimens found their way to the British Museum in 1828, and the source was uncovered working backward from there. Ironically those specimens the original finder had buried for safe keeping were actually never uncovered at least not knowingly…


A TKW of 920kg of Imilac is known of, the largest specimen of which is at the British Museum in London and weighs in at roughly 200kg. These two specimens I have for sale on my page are small specimens of a much larger beast, and of course you can find similar specimens elsewhere, so these are priced appropriately.


Imilac fragments are a little more difficult to find than slices, particularly if you want a cleaned one, but there are so many specimens out there in collections that if you have a specific criteria for your Imilax specimen, all you need to do is wait and something will eventually pop up on the market. This is a nice representative fragment which is easy to appreciate, and very affordable at that.


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