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After some considerable effort trying to find someone to work on an appraisal of my core collection, I have realized that there is a void in the world of meteorite collecting. Namely, an affordable and accessible appraisal service for meteorite collectors.

When people did have an interest in working on my appraisal, their services tended to be unnecessarily expensive, and rarely were they very responsive as the effort needed to complete the appraisal is often too time consuming for them to perform amidst the other obligations of their life.

For this reason I have decided to offer up my own knowledge and expertise in this realm of collecting, and begin performing services as an appraiser. I will be using a customized algorithm for determining the valuation of specimens, as well as established market values based on prior sales (when needed) to verify the valuations of specimens by their merits. This system will make the process of forming an appraisal of a collection much faster and easier, and as a result be much cheaper than a purely hourly rate based method.

The cost of the the appraisal service will be based on the number of specimens that are included in the appraisal.

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